New Strip Center to be built on Hwy 146 Bypass

City Manager Tom Warner, who was a guest on a recent Party Line program, reported that a new strip center will be coming to Liberty. The project is being built and designed by a company named Liberty Bypass; LLC will be going into an area near the Wal Mart store and next to the AT&T store.  Even though the footprint seems small, Warner assured that the plan is a viable plan. The developer has requested what is known as a 3/80 agreement, which is used for a rebate of sales tax revenue for a period of time. A 3/80 agreement is a standard tool used by developers in order to recap some of their expenses. It comes in the form of a rebate. In this case the developer asked for exemptions which Warner said in this case they are asking for $22,000 in sales tax be rebated back to the developer for a period of 3 years. The positive thing for Liberty tax coffers is if the collection of sales taxes exceeds the $22,000 yearly agreement, then the overages remain in the city’s coffers. Should everything go as planned, construction of the new strip center should be starting after the turn of the year 2021.


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