No DIY in Liberty?

KSHN news has reported on a controversy that has developed over a recent city ordinance pertaining to occupancy of any dwelling in the city of Liberty. In addition to our news coverage we also video recorded the entire discussion, at Tuesdays council meeting, and loaded the recording on the KSHN YouTube page so that anyone could see and hear precisely what was discussed in its entirety. In an attempt to get an idea of how many citizens this relatively new ordinance might affect we did some research. What we found took us to a report done by a major national newspaper - the New York Post. According their study 57% of home owners have some sort of home remodeling project they plan to tackle themselves, without hiring a contractor. We have already reported about the large crowd on hand Tuesday night at the Liberty City Council meeting. Most were there to protest, or at least object, to what is called the city of Liberty’s occupancy ordinance. Another issue raised, at that meeting, was the right to do repair and remodeling work to one’s own home. A speaker, who’s first name we did not get, but we do know we can refer to him as Mr. John said he has previously completed work on his home, and that was approved by the City of Liberty Inspector. However recently, while considering the purchase of anther project house, he was told by staff in the cities permit department that he could not get a remolding permit for the work.

In short, Mr. John was told he could not work as his own carpenter, unless he put up a $50,000 bond. Our apologies to Mr. John for not having his complete name. On the surface, it appears that a “no DIY” rule now exists inside the city of Liberty. If we understand it correctly Do It Your self work is now prohibited in Liberty. During the meeting, several council members said this was not what they thought would happen when they passed the ordinance, and they wanted to look at it closer. It was not halted or thrown out, but enforcement was put on a temporary hold while the ordinance is re-evaluated.

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