NTSB Rules on Chambers County Plane Crash

Sean Archuleta (L) Conrad Jules Aska (C) Capt. Ricky Blakely (R)

It was early 2019, February 23rd, when the nation learned a cargo plane crashed into the Trinity Bay of Chambers County killing the three on board.  On Tuesday of this week the National Transportation Safety Board released their findings on the cause of the crash.  The NTSB ruled the crash was a result of multiple factors, but first and foremost was the actions taken by the planes first officer identified as Conrad Jules Aska.  In their report, the NTSB said it was that first officers action that was an inappropriate response to an inadvertent activation of the airplane’s go-around mode. This resulted in, what is called, his spatial disorientation that caused First Officer Aska to place the airplane in a steep descent from which the crew did not recover”. On the day of the crash witnesses there told KSHN news the plane had “nose dived” into the bay. The report indicates the aircraft dropped nose first 3,000 feet in :30 seconds. The report by the NTSB also said the first officer had a history of performance deficiencies. It went on to say he made an effort to hide this history from his employer Atlas Air. Again, the NTSB ruled Tuesday of this week, the cargo plane crash last year in Chambers County, was a result of multiple factors, but first and foremost was the actions taken by the plane’s first officer, identified as Conrad Jules Aska Three people died in the crash, first officer Aska, Capt. Ricky Blakely and a pilot from Mesa Air, Sean Archuleta, who had caught the flight to Houston in what is known as the jump seat.. 

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