Options for voting in Liberty County on Election Day

Liberty County Elections Administrator Klint Bush

In a press release, the Liberty County Elections Administrator announces that the Texas Secretary Of State has approved the county’s request to hold the November 3rd, general election in the Texas Vote Center Program. A little background: Under the Texas Election Code, the Texas Secretary of State may select six counties with a population of 100,000 or more and four counties with a population of less than 100,000 for participation in the program for an election. The Secretary of State may determine that a county’s participation in the program was “successful” following one election under the program. Once designated as “successful,” that county may continue to use the program for subsequent elections. Note that counties that have previously participated in the program, but have not been formally granted a “successful” designation in writing by the Secretary of State, must reapply to use the program for each subsequent election. Basically what this means is that any Liberty County voter may cast their ballot on Election Day at any voter location within the county. Election workers will no longer need to redirect voters to other polling places. An example would be:  a voter who lives in Liberty but works elsewhere finds they are held up due to bad traffic in Dayton.  It’s 6:50PM on Election Day and the voter knows they cannot make it to their polling place in Liberty.  Under this program, that voter would be able to turn into the nearest Liberty County voting box or precinct and cast their vote. So in short, any voter registered in Liberty County may vote in any of the 20 voting locations within this county. This is not possible for every voter, in every county, but for those designated such as Liberty County is now, a voter can still cast their ballot on election day at any voting location in the county.