Phone scam working Dayton

The City of Dayton’s is advising residents of a new scam of which they are now getting reports. Dayton Public information director Patti Jett told KSHN news the first reports of this scam were received Wednesday evening of this week. Dayton residents are receiving calls from those identifying themselves as being with the Dayton Police Department.  Even the phone number on victim’s caller ID is that of the Dayton Police Department. This criminal claims there are numerous warrants out for the arrest of the persons getting the call. Then the crook instructs the victim to send Target Gift Cards to settle the case. Ms. Jett pointed out several pieces  of information about the scam.  The first is that warrants are not handled by the Police Department, but by the Dayton Municipal Court. The second tip is that the caller is asking for Target Gift cards as a method of clearing the warrants. Dayton City Court does not resolve fines or warrants in that manner.  Ms. Jett advised that if you receive a call of this nature, just hang up. Don’t talk to them, they are criminals, so immediately hang up and call the Dayton Police Department to report the scam attempt.  Still another tip: the Police Department or any other department in the city of Dayton will never ask for Gift Cards as a payment option. The phone number on your caller ID has been altered by what is known as spoofing. If you call that number back, we are told, it will connect you to the real phone number from where the call originated – and not the police department. That could help the Dayton authorities in catching these thieves. This scam is going on now and is apparently a new way of stealing your money.    ,


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