Possible impact of Tropical Storms late weekend and into next week

From the end of August through September has always been the time of the Hurricane season for increased activity.  This may be the case this weekend and then on into next week. Two disturbances have caught the attention of weather forecasters.  Both disturbances are predicted to become named storms. Meteorologists have given the weather system an 80% chance to develop into a named storm. That disturbance is expected to strike the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico and most likely will cross the peninsula and then re-enter the gulf.  The impact on Southeast Texas is not quite clear. Weather forecasters say winds from the west could push the storm closer towards this area as early as late Saturday evening or perhaps Sunday morning.  This is not the time to start planning. Real experts agree plans should already be in place. Remember most insurance policies have strict rules against policy protection as soon as the disturbance is clearly developed. Preparations suggest making sure you have at least three days of food and clean water on hand.  For those who take prescription mediation having enough on hand could be the difference between life or death.  Be sure all pets have ample supplies of what they may need should a storm become a real issue. Those preparations should include an evacuation route. It could become necessary. Remember – there are tens of thousands of gulf residents who wish they had been better prepared in previous storms. Harvey, Ike and Rita are just a few. Be ready. However, while the National Weather Service is giving this storm, as well as another one in the Eastern Atlantic, high possibilities of developing, maybe as early as this weekend, no one can be ready too early.

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