Protect Texas - Clean Your Boats

With the July 4th Holiday many Texans will be getting out on the water. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is urging boaters to fight back against aquatic invasive species, such as zebra mussels and giant salvinia, threatening Texas lakes. Here in Liberty County there has been major infestations of giant Salvinia, in past years, although that may not be a serious now as in the past. Zebra mussels are one of the top concerns now   found in 30 Texas lakes across five river basins.  The Texas parks and wildlife folks tell us boaters can help keep zebra mussels and other invasive species from being moved from lake to lake by taking a few minutes to properly clean, drain and dry boats and equipment before they leave the lake.  Experts say taking a few minutes can make a huge difference in  preserving Texas lakes for future generations.  If you have stored your boat on the water at a lake with zebra mussels, it may also be infested. Before moving it to another lake please call Texas Parks and Wildlife at (512) 389-4848 for guidance on decontamination.

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