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Volume 35, No. 58 Friday, March 27, 2020


Local Elections: As the Coronavirus continues to bear down on our area, local elections in May have been moved to November. That is news most folks have heard. However, Klint Bush - Liberty County Elections Administrator - a recent Party Line guest - said local leaders were not the ones who moved the elections. Texas Governor Greg Abbot ordered postponement of the May city and School Board Elections. Then Klint Bush’s office was required to notify each voting precinct in Liberty Co. that his office would not be able to support the local elections in May. Klint Bush said with the social distancing rules in place now because of the Coronavirus it was not a good idea to ask the public to come to one location to vote and possibly spread the virus.


Meals on Wheels: According to the office of Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Texas has received a $16.2 million grant to help provide meals for older adults. Governor Abbott said it is essential that alternative means for feeding our state’s elderly like Meals on Wheels receive these additional resources for what is a growing need. Mike Allison, who is part of the leadership of Grace Initiative, which sponsors the local Meals on Wheels program, said the money flows from Washington to the states and then to this area through the Houston Galveston Area Council. From HGAC the money goes then to local communities based on the town’s size. Mr. Allison said hopefully Liberty will get some of those dollars. Mr. Allison also pointed out something we have previously reported. He reminded us the Liberty School cafeteria staff continues to prepare those meals every week. Even with the cut back, during the disaster declaration, that effort continues. Grace Initiative volunteers deliver five frozen meals to their homebound clients one day each week. With that, Mr. Allison said, those mostly senior citizens continue to get one meal per day from tireless volunteers of Meals on Wheels prepared by those great people in the school cafeterias.


Walk or Run: With many people stuck at home during this public health emergency, cabin fever can set in. Toni Maddox, Certified Infection Control Nurse at Liberty Dayton Regional Hospital, was a guest on the Party Line and said social distancing does not mean you have to stop some of your normal activities like walking or jogging. Ms. Maddox said your physical health and mental health will benefit. She also said that unplugging and taking a break from Coronavirus news will also help your mental health.


Travel Quarantine: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order Thursday mandating quarantine for anyone traveling to Texas from either New Orleans or the New York tri-state area. Anyone arriving at an airport in Texas from either New York, Connecticut, New Jersey or New Orleans, must register with the Texas Department of Public Safety and immediately quarantine themselves at home or in a hotel for 14 days or at least until they leave the state, which ever occurs first. The Department of Public Safety will be checking on quarantined people affected by this order. Those found to be in violation could face a $1,000 fine or 180 days in jail.


Efforts to Bend the Curve: Dayton city government is continuing to operate and provide vital services so that businesses, schools, and other organizations can provide essential services to residents. The City Council has authorized the City Manager to work with staff on a case-by-case basis with utility bill accounts that are in danger of cut-offs during this declared disaster. Dayton residents cannot have their bills waived, but cut-off of services due to non-payment can be delayed.

Lake Release: 28,400 CFS – Liberty Bridge: 24.56 ASL

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