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Volume 35, No.  83,  Tuesday * April 28, 2020

Devers teen murdered: We want to forewarn our readers they may find some disturbing details in this news report. Children and some adults may not want to read this report. A teenager formerly of Devers, 19 year old Dystynee Avery, has been murdered in Minnesota. Now three suspects have been charged for their alleged involvement in the local woman’s death. According to a Moorhead Minnesota Newspaper,  Charges  were filed Thursday, April 23, in Clay County, Minnesota District Court against Andrea Catherine Payne, age 26, and David Marvin Erno-22, both of Moorhead. Payne and Erno each face a second-degree accomplice to murder charge. That carries a maximum punishment of 20-years in prison. Court documents allege Avery’s roommate, 27-year-old Ethan Martin Broad, is solely responsible for her death but documents detail how Payne and Erno failed to report the girl’s death on or about, April 4 at the apartment where Broad and Avery lived in Minnesota. Ethan Broad faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted of second-degree murder. The Minnesota newspaper report said Payne, Erno and Broad are still in custody in the Clay County Minnesota jail. 27-year old Ethan Broad is accused of the actual murder is being held on a $1 million bond.  Andrea Payne and David Erno would need $500,000 each for their freedom. Avery moved to Moorhead from Devers – here in southeast Liberty Co.,  about a year and a half ago, and was said to be living with Broad, off and on, during her time in Moorhead Minnesota. Investigators found what they believe to be Dystynee Avery's dismembered remains at the Clay County landfill after a two-day search. Those who knew her said she lived with her parents in Devers briefly until about 18 months ago. ************************************************

COVID-19: With an additional 2 yesterday, Liberty County currently has 39 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Both are from the north part of Liberty County. Case 38 is a male 60-70 years old and case 39 is a woman 20-30. Both are being treated at home. ************************************************

Governor Abbott: Gov. Greg Abbott will allow the stay at home order for Texas to expire this Thursday, April 30th. More businesses will also be allowed to open up starting Friday. However, Bars, Barber Shops, Gyms, and Salons are directed to stay closed until at least mid-May.  That directive coming from Texas Governor Greg Abbott during yesterday’s Monday afternoon news conference heard live here on The Governor said, starting Friday, retail businesses, restaurants, malls, and theaters can re-open but at just 25% of occupancy. Also being allowed to re-open their doors are museums and libraries, but those locations must remain below 25% occupancy. Licensed medical professionals may also return to work.  The Texas Governor said that even though the stay at home order will expire this Friday, Texans must continue to practice safe social distancing. He said if COVID-19 positive cases do not spike, that means do not go back up, between May 1st and May 18th, then he will announce even more openings. The Governor warned however, that if there is a big spike, the reopening of Texas will fall back to square one, where it is now.  Again, yesterday afternoon Governor Greg Abbott said he will let the current, stay at home, order expire Thursday. He said then starting on May 1st, more Texas businesses are allowed to re-open with some restrictions. It is a must that Texans must continue to practice safe social distancing. The improvement picture is better but that must continue for the trend of reopening Texas is to be allowed to continue. ************************************************ OBIT: A Liberty woman died on Saturday April 18th in a tragic vehicle accident.  

Herminia Rodriguez Lopez, age 62, of Liberty, Texas was born in Mexico. She is survived by her husband of forty-three years Valentin (valenteen) Lopez. Private visitation and graveside service will be conducted by Allison Funeral Service.

Lake Release: 26,200  CFS – Liberty Bridge: 24.64 ASL

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