Radiogram Mon 4 13 20

Volume 35, No. 69, Monday April 13, 2020


Cases 17-19 for Liberty County: On Saturday, Liberty County got their 17th, 18th, and 19th confirmed case of Coronavirus. According to the Liberty County Office of Emergency Management, the 17th case is a male 40-50 years of age who lives in South Liberty County. The State health department report on him said, he shows mild symptoms and is being isolated at home. The 18th case is a male 30 to 40 years old who lives on the North end of Liberty County. The man is currently experiencing mild symptoms and is isolating at home. The 19th confirmed COVID-19 is a female 50 to 60 year’s old living in North Liberty County. She is also experiencing mild symptoms and is isolating at home.


Chambers County: Chambers County now is up to 29 Coronavirus cases. Chambers County Public Health Department officials report, of the 29 cases 18 are from West Chambers County, 7 cases are reported in Mid-Chambers County. Then there are 4 Coronavirus cases in East Chambers County. Of those 29 cases, 9 have already recovered. A total of 280 Chambers County residents have been tested. This number does not include residents that have received a test for the Coronavirus outside the county.


Blood Drive: You may have heard of the near desperate need for blood donors. Most news media has reported regularly on this issue. This Thursday, April 16, and our neighbors across the street, Liberty County Central Appraisal District will jointly sponsor a blood drive in downtown Liberty. Life Share Blood Center, is declared by Gov. Greg Abbott, as an essential service, so donors are too. It’s this Thursday April 16th from 11 AM till 5 PM. Those conducting the drive will be conducting social distancing. Donors only need to pull into the CAD parking lot in the 2000 Block of Sam Houston Street. That’s one block east of the courthouse in Liberty. Remain comfortable in your vehicle until staff members in the Life Share Donor Coach invite you to come inside the coach. For those who have always wanted to donate blood, or if you are a regular, please give the gift of life this Thursday when the need is so great. All non-essential surgeries have already been canceled because of blood shortages but accident victims, essential life saving treatments that require blood still must go on. During the pandemic many have heard about the first responder heroes in our community doing the jobs that must to be done. True heroes at the hospital and EMS, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters and others. - Now anyone of us can be a hero with your life saving gift of a pint of blood. It really saves lives. Come on …. be a hero…. We can do this, together.


Dayton PD: Everyone is trying to adapt to this new world of coronavirus COVID-19, including our various local police agencies. Dayton Police Chief Rob Vine is also adjusting and his department has locked all the doors to protect their staff but, he said, that by no means implies that citizens are not welcome to come to the Dayton P. D. for help. However, the contact may be different. Chief Vine also said his officers now take more reports over the phone other than in person. The Dayton Police Chief said while it may look different, in this time of social distancing, the department is still able to serve Dayton residents.



Judy Reeves Blackmon, 76, of Liberty, passed away last Tuesday. Judy was a long time school teacher in Liberty and Silsbee. She will be buried in Cooke Memorial Cemetery. A memorial service is pending at Allison Funeral Service- Liberty


Lake Release: 28,400 CFS – Liberty Bridge: 26.81 ASL

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