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Volume 35, No. 64 , Monday April 6, 2020


Liberty County: On Friday, Liberty County got their Fifth confirmed case of Coronavirus. According to the Liberty County Office of Emergency Management, the 5th case is a man 20-30 years of age who lives in South Liberty County. The State health department report on him said, he shows mild symptoms and is being isolated at home. This is the first COVID-19 case in the South part of Liberty County. It should be noted that the OEM does not break down the cases by towns as do other jurisdictions around us. Those jurisdictions such as Chambers County which has a local public health department. Liberty County does not have a public health department and relies on the Department of State Health Services as the public health entity for the county. The DSHS does not disclose those details in their reporting. Thanks heavens – to date despite five confirmed cases there has not been a single fatality in Liberty County. The same can be said for Chambers County despite their 11 confirmed cases of Coronavirus. In spite of rumors, it has been confirmed as of late Sunday, there remains only 5 cases in Liberty County.

************************************************Tip of the Hat: Liberty Mayor Carl Pickett sent an email to fellow members of the local Rotary Club. It was sent in light of our current situation. We thought it made good sense for all of us to consider no matter where we live. The Mayor said and we quote - Please don’t forget to show appreciation for all of our front line people: ems, fire dept, police, hospital personnel – end quote. He also urged that we all shop with our local folks as much as reasonably possible - and to all, he said, stay safe. He also added that as long as the covid 19 virus is a threat, honor the rules that are temporarily in place – No matter where you live that’s good advice. Editorially speaking we would add that we not forget those who serve in small towns like Liberty, Dayton, Ames, Hardin, Daisetta, and Devers on city councils and as school district trustees. These folks serve without pay and are thrown into attending countless meeting. Right now, in this crisis, the leaders in our communities are having to fly the plane while they build it.


Executive Order: Last week Liberty County Judge Jay Knight issued his latest executive order. This one is in place until April 30th, at midnight. This order still requires those living in Liberty County to stay at their place of residence. This order says persons may leave their residence but only for essential activities: Such as to perform essential governmental functions or to operate essential businesses. This order from the County Judge refers to the number of people allowed in a store at one time. It restricts the number of shoppers, or patrons, in a business to 20 % of the buildings total occupancy not counting staff and employees.


Stimulus Checks: District 36 U.S. Representivie Brian Babin, said on an interview with, phase 3 of the Care Act signed into law on March 27th does include a provision to send checks to American's. The Congressman said the largest checks will go to single filers who make $75,000 or less in adjusted gross income. As will those filing as heads of household who earn $112,500 or less in adjusted gross income, and for married couples who file jointly and making $150,000 or less in adjusted gross income. The Congressman said the hope is these checks will start going out this week. Congressman Babin urges anyone with questions to contact his office at (202) 225-1555 or visit his website – the address is

Lake Release: 43,800 CFS – Liberty Bridge: 27.70 ASL

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