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Volume 35, No. 62 Thursday, April 2, 2020

Taking Care During Coronavirus: During the Coronavirus Pandemic staying on top of your routine medical care is as important as ever. Liberty Dayton Hospital Chief Executive Officer Matt Thornton urged that this pandemic is no reason to stop your routine medical care. Mr. Thornton said, in person visits are not the only option to stay up to date on your routine medical needs. He pointed out there are more options today such as telehealth. For options your doctor offers contact their office directly. Not taking care of your self during this Pandemic could have long lasting consequences.


The individual students matter: Across Texas, as a matter of fact more specifically across Liberty Co., school districts are learning a completely new way to teach and kids have a new way to learn. Remote learning is for most everyone of school age. Then add to that teachers and administrators as well. For instance, in the Dayton ISD, they have the responsibility of more than 5,500 students, but as Associate Superintendent Tami Pierce said, no matter how many there are in the entire district, it finally comes down to individual kids. Back in 2018, the federal government counted more than 16,000 school age children in Liberty County. While some are, in fact, home schooled regularly, in this situation we have now, every student is being home schooled. Dayton ISD’s Tami Pierce said, even so, it still comes down to individual students.


Visitation rules change in Liberty –Dayton and at Houston Methodist – Baytown Hospitals: To ensure the safety of patients and caregivers, Both the Liberty Dayton Regional Hospital and at Houston Methodist - Baytown Hospital has implemented nearly the same revised visitation policy that NO LONGER PERMITS visitors. We are told the Liberty Dayton Hospital and all of Houston Methodist facilities – those do allow for compassionate exceptions to be made for visitors over the age of 18 in certain situations. First of all at all the Houston Methodist facilities for Maternity, postpartum and NICU patients: Only one healthy partner/parent is permitted.////At Liberty Dayton Regional Hospital and at Houston Methodist–Baytown Hospital for disabled patients, only one healthy visitor is permitted. For critical condition patients: just one healthy visitor. For End-of-life patients: 2 healthy visitors are permitted at a time and for discharged patients: 1 healthy visitor is allowed to assist. For Liberty Dayton Regional Hospital and for Houston Methodist - Baytown Hospital patients are admitted to the emergency department for COVID-19 evaluation. However, for those who have tested positive for the virus none of them, at either hospital, will be permitted to have visitors. Patients are encouraged to utilize electronic communication, such as smart phone or video chat instead of in-person visitation, whenever possible. These new visitation policies are for visitors for all patients in Liberty Dayton Regional Hospital and for Houston Methodist-Baytown Hospital.


Big Thicket Preserve: Big Thicket National Preserve is announcing modifications to operations to support federal, state, and local efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19. Outdoor spaces throughout the national preserve, primarily in Liberty and Hardin County, remain accessible. Where possible, adhere to the latest health guidance, outdoor spaces, including hiking trails and paddling routes in the preserve, are open. However, Big Thicket National Preserve will offer NO services outside those that support visitor or resource protection. For changes go to their website: and on Facebook @BigThicketNPS.

Lake Release: 41,600 CFS – Liberty Bridge: 26.78 ASL

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