Radiogram Tuesday March 17

Volume 35, No. 51 Tuesday, March

17, 2020


Recount: It could be called somewhat of surprise when last Friday, Precinct 1 County Commissioner Candidate James Carson requested a vote recount. Mr. Carson finished in 3rd place behind Bruce Karbowski and Toby Wilburn in the race for Precinct 1 Commissioner. Liberty Co. Republican Party Chairman Ryan Daniel said once the votes were canvassed last Thursday James Carson, trailed second place finisher Toby Wilburn by 63 votes. Ryan Daniel said the time line for the recount could be hampered by the Coronavirus Emergency. As it stands now Co. Commissioner Bruce Karbowski finished first and Toby Wilburn was in second place. Neither got over 50% of the vote, which puts those two in a run-off. However, Friday James Carson put up a $900 deposit and asked for a recount. Carson wants to see if, of the 2504 votes cast in that 4 candidate race for Commissioner Precinct #1, he can pick up at least 63 votes. No word on when the recount will take place.


Abbott and STAAR: It’s been widely reported, Governor Greg Abbott announced Monday he has waived the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, known as STAAR, testing requirements for this present school year. The Governor is also asking the US Department of Education also waive the federal testing requirements for the same 2019-2020 school year. The Governor said he is working closely with the Texas Education Agency to ensure schools continue to deliver instruction to students while many are closed due to the Coronavirus. Gov. Abbott also said the state will give schools the power to make decisions to protect their communities from the Coronavirus. He said superintendents should continue to prioritize the health and safety of students, staff, and families. Again, Monday Gov. Greg Abbott waived the STAAR requirement for this school year due to the Covid-19 threat. The Governor is also asking the Department of Education to waive FEDERAL testing requirements.


Closures: The Coronavirus Pandemic continues to cause lifestyle changes in our nation. Much closer to home on the subject of local cancellations both the Dayton Rotary Club and the Liberty Rotary Club have canceled their meetings and related activities thru the end of March. Liberty meets on Tuesday and Dayton on Thursday. Both are now cancelled thru March. Many local churches cancelled services Sunday due to health department recommendations to avoid large gatherings. First Baptist Church in Devers posted a notice they not only cancelled services but also canceled the food bank service they offer until further notice. The First United Methodist Church of Liberty cancelled their service to the public but did offer their service broadcast on-line here at They had 6 people in the church to offer that complete service on-line. First Methodist also has a preschool program called Noah’s Arc. That is also suspended since the Liberty Schools are closed. If we can help with announcements for any Churches or other community services please call at 936-336-5793.


Jobs: Apparel and home décor retailer Gordmans, now located in the former Palais Royale store in Liberty, has announced they are hiring employees at 13 store locations in Texas. Liberty interviews are tomorrow from 11 AM until 8 PM tomorrow night at their store location in Liberty’s Jefferson Square shopping Center.


Lake Release: 14,000 CFS – Liberty Bridge: 17.66 ASL

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