RADIOGRAM: Volume 35, No. 106 Monday, June 1, 2020

Volume 35, No. 106 Monday, June 1, 2020

Last week, in the wake of the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis Minnesota, Dayton Police Chief Rob Vine penned a letter that was posted to the Dayton Police Departments Facebook page. The following are excerpts of that letter. Dayton’s top lawman said the “Thin Blue Line” is thinner because a few individuals who once wore the badge and took an oath to protect and serve their communities have committed an unforgivable offense that resulted in the tragic and terribly unnecessary loss of life of George Floyd. He went on to say the individuals wearing the uniform of a profession whose fundamental duty is to serve the community, to safeguard lives and property, equality, and justice did the very opposite and engaged in behavior that can only be described as criminal. Chief Vine echoed what we have heard from law enforcement across the country, and here we quote Chief Vines Letter. Quote As a police officer, I take great exception to their behavior, their actions, and their indifference. I must stand against it.” End quote. Chief Vine ended the letter with the following statement, Quote: I pray for the family of Mr. Floyd. I pray for the City of Minneapolis. I pray for those officers who are still wearing the badge and uniform, who have not forgotten what the Code of Ethics says, who have not forgotten their purpose, and who still have the heart to serve their fellow man and who must deal with the mess these individuals created. I am proud to serve with men and women of integrity. Men and women who demonstrate the Code of Ethics daily. Men and women who serve their community with a dedication to service. Men and women who recognize the badge of their office as a symbol of public faith and do the best they can to earn that faith and trust daily.” Again, these are excerpts from a letter written by Dayton Police Chief. The letter in its entirety is available on KSHN.COM

Covid-19: Late Friday afternoon, Liberty County Emergency Management officials reported the 83rd through 92nd confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the County. They are all being treated at home. We are told by the Emergency Management officials, the 83rd case is a women 20-30 years of age who lives in North Liberty County. The 84th case is also a women 30-40 years old in the South end of Liberty County. The 85th confirmed COVID-19 case is a man 60-70 years old living in North Liberty County. The 86th confirmed case is a woman 20-30 years old from South Liberty County. The 87th case is a man 20-30 years old from South Liberty County. Case 88 is a man 60-70 years old from South Liberty County. The 89th case is a woman 50-60 years of age from South Liberty County. The 90th case is a man 30-40 years old from North Liberty County. The 91st COVID-19 case is a man 60-70 years old from South Liberty County. The 92nd case is a woman 20-30 years old living in North Liberty County The office of Emergency Management reports 3 deaths have been caused by the effects of the Coronavirus.

Los Compadres: Lots of families are enjoying their first dining out experience since this terrible pandemic experience began. Dayton Mayor Caroline Wadzeck, and her husband Larry, just had their first dine-out experience at a restaurant since the shutdown back in the mid-March. The two decided to eat out when it was acceptable to Los Compadres Restaurant. The mayor said their food is always delicious, but she felt there was a far more compelling reason for this visit. She pointed out, what we had reported, before. For six weeks, beginning in April, Los Compadres owner Salvador Herrera and his staff prepared over 600 meals for those in need. When the Wadzeck’s thanked Sal for this wonderful act of kindness, he said, quote “My restaurant has been very blessed here in Dayton and I just want to give back to the community.” -end quote.

In a news release from the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department we learned that a company called Piney Wood Rooters are no strangers to reaching out to individuals and organizations when they see a cause worthy of assistance and recognition. Owned by Curt Smith and family that company has done much to honor military wounded warriors and other military personnel who need support. Recognizing the heroic efforts of others that prompted Smith and his Piney Woods Rooters, to present the Liberty Co. Sheriff’s office two unique hand-made wall plaques in recognition of the heroic actions of Deputy Richard Whitten that led to his critical injuries and eventually to his death. The two plaques include one smaller one for Deputy Richard’s widow - Kami Whitten and a larger one for Sheriff Bobby Rader to display at the Sheriff’s office. The plaques were presented Friday at the Sheriff’s department. Sheriff Bobby Rader said, “ It was one year ago today on May 29, 2019 that Liberty County Sheriff’s Deputy Richard Whitten was shot while attempting to arrest a murder suspect who had just shot three people, with two of the victims sustaining fatal wounds. The bullet struck Deputy Whitten in the neck area and lodged in his spine causing immediate paralysis. Then on February 3, 2020, Deputy Whitten passed away, succumbing to complications of the gunshot wound. “ end quote.


Charles Wayne Curtis, Sr., 74, formerly of Liberty, Texas died peacefully on May 27, Due to the current situation with COVID-19, at the family’s request, the visitation and service will be private with Sterling Funeral Service of Dayton in charge. **

Funeral service is set for Jack Tolbert May, 77 of Crosby who passed away last Thursday, in Baytown. Visitation will be Wednesday, June 3rd at noon in Pace-Stancil Funeral Home Chapel in Dayton. The service begins at 1PM with Interment to follow at Palms Memorial Park.


Lake Release: 23,000 CFS –Liberty Bridge: 24.27 ASL

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