RADIOGRAM: Volume 35, No. 108 Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Volume 35, No.  108 Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Tropical Storm: Tropical Storm Cristobal took shape yesterday, over the Bay of Campeche. The National Hurricane Center says the system is forecast to start moving northward across the Gulf of Mexico later this week. The Hurricane Center says it is too early to be more specific on the location and timing of potential impact on the U.S. Gulf Coast.   Those who know say now is the time to prepare for a Hurricane or other tropical weather. For those who, in the event of a damaging storm, will need some kind of assistance if heavy storm damage should occur, be sure to register with the state's 211 assistance system. Do that by dialing 211 from your cell phone or landline and provide them with the info on the help you may need. The fact you may have signed up for help fleeing the storm last year is not sufficient. Those records were destroyed and those who many need help this year must sign up again. Emergency management officials also urge that everyone should prepare an emergency supply kit with non-perishable food supplies, water, medication, battery-powered or hand-crank emergency radios. For a full list of supplies that may be needed during a disaster visit You can stay up to date with KSHN.COM.

COVID: With the fast changing COVID-19 numbers for Liberty and Chambers Counties, let’s get a rundown of the latest numbers. Starting in Liberty County, the Texas Department of State Health Services reports 527 people have been tested for the virus in Liberty Co.  Of those 95 have been confirmed to have COVID-19 spread out over the entire county. There have been 421 who tested negative, and 11 tests results are pending. Of the 95 confirmed cases, 55 have recovered. There have been 3 deaths as a result of COVID-19. Now moving to Chambers County, they have been more responsive on getting the test. Chambers County Public Health says 1,430 people have been tested with 68 testing positive for COVID-19. Out of the 68 confirmed cases, 58 have recovered. Chambers County has still not reported a death related to the virus.  

Liberty Projects: Two major infrastructure projects in Liberty are nearing completion, the sanitary sewer and the Main B levy project. Liberty City Manager Tom Warner says all that remains on both projects is the contractor's punch list which is a check list to assure that all parts of the job are complete.  The huge sanitary sewer project started in January of 18 and cost 5.4 million dollars. That project is funded from city property tax revenue. The Main B Levy started in August of 2019 at a cost of 955,000 dollars. The city manager says federal funds from FEMA is covering 75 percent of the cost, with the City paying the other 25 percent, or 238,750 dollars.

Dayton: Dayton Mayor Caroline Wadzeck talked about the first step to address a problem in communicating with city leaders for any resident. Mayor Wadzeck says many times city leaders never knew a problem existed until it first makes the rounds on social media. That is never a good idea. In dealing with a recent issue, the Dayton Mayor says a city council committee was formed to look into a specific problem and resolved the issue to everyone’s satisfaction. So for those with a problem, or issue, with the city, Mayor Caroline Wadzeck urged residents to first call Dayton City Hall at 936-258-2642. That’s 936-258-2642.

Lake Release: 21,000 CFS –Liberty Bridge: 23.41 ASL

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