RADIOGRAM: Volume 35, No. 121 Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Volume 35, No.  121 Tuesday, June 23, 2020

New COVID-19: Monday afternoon, the Liberty County Office of Emergency Management reported 20 new COVID-19 cases in the county bringing the total number of cases to 183 since the pandemic began in March. Emergency Management officials report 8 of these newest cases are North Liberty County residents while 12 are from South Liberty County. Each of the 20 new cases are being treated at home. Ages of the new cases range from their 20s to 90s. Since the start of the pandemic in March 759 in all age groups have been tested, with 184 of those testing positive for COVID-19. Of those 183 positive cases, 78 have since recovered. There have been 3 deaths overall attributed to COVID-19.

Census Update: Today we are taking a look at how Liberty Countians are responding to the 2020 Census. Countywide 43.8 % of homes have responded to the census. Looking at the cities in the county and what percent of residents have already responded to the Census.  Dayton leads the pack with 51.6%, followed by Liberty at 49.7%, and then Cleveland comes in at 47.5%.  The easiest and most important thing a respondent can do is go on-line to get the job done before the Census Bureau staff begins going door-to-door to homes of those who have not filled out their census report. Most who have completed this important document say it is about a ten-minute effort. For those who have lost the census report mailed to them, they can go online to to respond in the manner. It’s really important to complete the census to make sure all Liberty County get the representation and government benefits to which they are entitled.        

Medicare Reminder: For those who are turning, or have turned, 65-years of age. It may be time to file for Medicare. Andy Hardwick Public Affairs Specialist for the district Social Security Office tells us the enrollment period is open the month you turn 65,  and for the three months before or after your birthday. Mr. Hardwick says for those who missed the Medicare filing date those folks must wait until the next open enrollment period to file. Please note the open enrollment period is from January through March. There is an exception to this rule. Andy Hardwick says for those still working and covered under your employer’s health care plan or if you are not working but are covered under a spouse’s employer’s health care, you do not have to file for Medicare during this time. Mr. Hardwick encourages anyone with questions about Medicare to check their website or call the National 800 Number toll-free at 1-800-772-1213. 

Chamber Auction Donations: On Saturday, we reported, because of COVID-19, the Liberty Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce is not able to have its annual fundraising raffle and auction. However, with the help of Kirk Moore of Moore Hiljee Auctions, the chamber is having an online auction, very different from past Chamber fundraisers. Liberty Dayton Area Chamber President Mary Anne Campbell says participants can donate an item for the auction by calling the chamber at (936) 336-5736, or you can email them at Mrs. Campbell says the chamber will even pick the donated items up so you don’t need to deliver them. Mary Anne Campbell asks that donors include a business card or paragraph about your business with the donated item. This way these donors will be recognized for their generosity. The auction begins at 6 pm July 15th and concludes a week later July 22nd, also at 6 pm. For a link to this auction go to the chamber’s website:

Lake Release: 5,100 CFS – Liberty Bridge : 9.06 ASL

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