RADIOGRAM: Volume 35, No. 134 Wednesday, July 15, 2020 



Volume 35, No. 134 Wednesday, July 15, 2020                    *************************************************************

Vote Totals: Liberty County voters went to the polls yesterday for the Republican and Democratic Party Primary runoff contests. As far as Democratic Party all races were decided statewide, there were no democratic party races locally. However. there were four local runoff races in the GOP. The race for the newly created County Court at Law #2 Wes Hinch won handily with 2,836 votes, his opponent Zack Zbranek recorded 1,634. In the runoff for Precinct 1 County Commissioner, Bruce Karbowski recorded 934 votes taking the nomination from Toby Wilburn who had 692 votes. Taking a look at the Precinct 1 Constable’s runoff race. Tammy Bishop wins the GOP nomination with 663 votes while Jacob Cantu polled 560 votes. Finally, in the Precinct 6 Constable race in the Cleveland area, Challenger Zack Harkness received 575 votes while incumbent John Joslin bows out with his 316.  All results are unofficial until canvassed. That will be conducted early next week..  ***************************************************************************    County Commissioners met yesterday: At Tuesday’s regular Liberty County Commissioners meeting, an item on the agenda called for the purchase of equipment for the Texas Department of Public Safety at a cost of just over $28,000 paid for from the District Attorney’s Seizure fund. During the public comment period, prior to the start of Commissioners meeting, incoming Liberty County District Attorney Jennifer Bergman Harkness challenged District Attorney Logan Pickett’s use of his office’s Seizure funds since the March primary. She said she had requested, through a freedom of information request, documents that showed where any money from the DA’s seizure fund had been spent since the March primary when she defeated the incumbent. During her comments, Mrs. Harkness asked commissioners to review spending from that DA controlled fund. When the agenda item that prompted Mrs. Harkness, comments came up for a vote, DA Logan Pickett told commissioners his office was permitted to have a separate checking account for the seizure fund, but he chooses not to do that. D.A. Pickett says every check is first verified and approved by the County Auditor and County Treasurer’s Office before a payment check is sent. After the presentation by Mr. Pickett, Commissioners approved the expenditure of just over $28,000 for the new equipment. Current county commissioner Greg Arthur, who is both a former Liberty County Sheriff and a former DPS Sgt, commented that the District Attorney’s office had always been supportive of local law enforcement and said those agencies worked well together.  *************************************************************************** COVID 521:  On Tuesday, Liberty County emergency management staff added ten more confirmed cases of COVID-19. Now that means Liberty County has 521 confirmed cases with 139 recoveries. The Liberty County Office of Emergency Management personnel says these new cases range in age from under 20 to their 60’s. One of the new cases is from North Liberty County, while nine are from the south end. According to The Liberty County Office of Emergency Management, with the addition of these 10, the county now has 79 new cases just this week alone.  Since the start of the pandemic in March, there have been three deaths attributed to COVID-19 symptoms. Public health experts urge citizens to practice social distancing, wear a face covering, wash hands frequently, and sneeze or cough into the elbow. Experts also say if someone has a fever above 100 degrees, stay home. ******************************************************************************  Crossroads: The City of Dayton announced they are suspending all activities at what has been the popular Crossroads until further notice. In a news release Marketing and Communications Director Patti Jett says the city feels this is the right thing to do with recent spike in COVID-19 cases in Liberty County. She cited Governor Greg Abbott’s Executive order limiting gatherings of 10 or more. Ms. Jett says the City of Dayton understands it is disappointing for the community and vendors, but health and safety concerns take top priority. Patti Jett says the City of Dayton administrators will resume these events when it is safe.  Each Friday food trucks set up at the Crossroads for lunch and is also home to a farmer’s market on the 2nd Saturday of each month.  ***************************************************************************** Lake Release: 16,000 CFS – Liberty Bridge: 17.98 ASL

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