RADIOGRAM: Volume 35, No.150 Friday August 6, 2020

Volume 35, No.150 Friday August 6, 2020

Dayton ISD school year 2020/2021: In our newscast for Thursday August 6th, we reported that the Dayton ISD has changed the start date for the academic year 2020/2021. It’s important to note again, the push back date for Dayton schools to begin school is now Thursday August 20th. Dayton ISD Superintendent Dr. Jessica Johnson also passed along some important information concerning instruction and safety measures that the school district will have in place. As for instruction-classes, they will be offered both virtually and face to face. Parents will choose which learning method is best for their children. If a parent chooses virtual learning, that choice will be used for the entire 9 week grading period. If a parent chooses face to face learning, but then decides to go virtual, they can do so, but will have to remain virtual for the remainder of that grading period.  Then for the next grading period if a parent wishes to change from virtual to face to face instruction, they will need to contact the principal or counselor at their child’s school at the 7 week mark in the grading period to fill out the forms for that change.   As for safety procedures, Dr. Johnson pointed out that Dayton teachers and staff will be issued a mask and shield. Sanitizer misters will be used twice each week on all campuses. In addition, vacuum filters will be used with the bags being changed on a regular basis.  For cleaning, the district will use hospital grade cleaning supplies. Students will need to provide their own facemasks, and they must be school appropriate.  All 4th grade and higher students will be required to wear a mask. ************************************************************************

Covid 19 update: Liberty County fatalities blamed on the coronavirus has now climbed to 30 according to the Crista Beasley-Adams, director of the Liberty County Emergency Management office.  That was part of a report from the state health department released late Wednesday. That update included 50 new cases of confirmed cases of Covid -19 that we report daily here on KSHN, 50 new cases of Liberty County citizens is one of the biggest single days we have reported since the count began in Mid-March of this year when all of this madness began. Liberty County now has a overall total of 841 confirmed cases of citizens diagnosed as having Covid 19. The update from the Liberty County Emergency Management office also said Liberty County presently has 390 active cases with 421 citizens now listed as having recovered.  Of the 50 new cases there is an even split where 25 are female and 25 are male in this latest report. The majority of those latest new 50 confirmed cases were in the age category of 20 to 30. That age group had 15 people diagnosed to have the coronavirus here in Liberty County. 39 were from north Liberty County and 11 from south county. ************************************************************************

In an August 6th news release, Liberty County Sheriff Bobby Rader announced a new program that will benefit families who may have members with special needs. The program is called the Special Needs Registry. The program is free and for those who reside in Liberty County and have special needs. The Special Needs directory is designed to help Deputies, Fire Department and Emergency Medical Service encounters that they may have with residents who have disabilities such as, Alzheimer’s, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dementia, Downs syndrome or any other mental/ or developmental disorders.  We are told this special needs registry program is to give emergency personnel quick access to critical information about how to help or deal with a registered individual with special needs in an emergency situation. The program is free to any Liberty County resident. All you would need to do is fill out a form available from the Sheriffs Department. For more information you can contact Communications Supervisor Sherry Walton at the sheriff’s office by calling 936-336-4514 or email at Again that is 936-336-4514 or email at This could mean speedy and really important help if an emergency comes up with a special needs person in any Liberty County family. ************************************************************************

Liberty County is resuming operation of the Liberty County Jail. That is a big undertaking that for many years has been contracted out to private companies for a number of years. Now however the day-to-day jail operation will come back under the operation of the Liberty County Sheriff. Here is the meat of the story: On Monday, August 4th, reported on a Special called meeting of the Liberty County Commissioners Court. The agenda for that meeting was to approve a county budget amendment to create the new position of Liberty County Jail Administrator. After the vote to approve the budget amendment, it was then announced that Raye Carnes has been named as the Jail Administrator. The Liberty County Jail is currently, and has been for several years, managed by the firm known as GEO. On Monday Morning August 10th our guests on the Party Line program at 8:30 AM will be Liberty County Judge Jay Knight, Liberty County Attorney Mathew Poston, Liberty County Sheriff Bobby Rader and at least one or two others to discuss this complete change in County Jail operations, after a few decades of operation as a contracted operation. That’s Monday morning at 8:30 here on     ************************************************************************

Obits: A husband and wife, who were married for 53 years and resided in Liberty;  Anita Lozano, 69, died Tuesday, July 21,  Twelve days later, August 2, her husband Reuben Lozano Sr., 69, died, both from the tragic symptoms of Covid 19. Anita was born in Wharton, Reuben was born in Bay City. Anita and Reuben were devoted to each other and traveled to many places. They were both members of Line Camp Cowboy Church in Devers. Visitation is from 11am-1pm Saturday, August 8, in the chapel at Allison Funeral Service, Liberty. Funeral service will be at 1pm at Allison’s Funeral; Service.  Burial follows at Hardin Chapel Cemetery. ************************************************************************

Lake Release: 1,500 CFS   Liberty Bridge 6.78 ASL

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