RADIOGRAM: Volume 35, No. 87 Monday, May 4, 2020

Volume 35, No.  87  Monday, May 4, 2020 *********************************************** No New Cases: Over the weekend Liberty County did not have any new cases of COVID-19 reported. Liberty County still has  42 confirmed cases of COVID-19. The Liberty County Office of Emergency Management reports since the start of the pandemic 302 Liberty County citizens have been tested. There have been 42 positive cases, 246 of those tested negative and 14 are pending. Of the 42 confirmed cases 21 patients have recovered. Liberty County has still reported one death said to be from the effects of COVID-19. ************************************************

Sheriffs Capt. Honored: Liberty County sheriff’s Captain Ken DeFoor was recently recognized for his 40-year membership in the Airborne Public Safety Association. The recognition was given to Captain DeFoor by Airbeat Magazine. His law enforcement career began in 1958 with the Houston Police Department. In 1977 he was chosen to lead the department’s Helicopter Division. Captain DeFoor also helped create the Scuba Squad Diving Team while a member of the department. He retired from HPD in 1984. Since his retirement, he has maintained a presence in law enforcement. He has spent time as the Dayton Chief of Police, the bodyguard for the President of Exxon. He has also served as the Chief Deputy to the Liberty County Sheriff twice. Currently, Captain Ken DeFoor is the commander of the Reserve Deputy Program and the Honor Guard. He is head of the Aviation unit at the Sheriff’s Office. Captain Ken DeFoor will be awarded for his service to the Airborne Public Safety Association at a ceremony later this summer. As a footnote to this report: many have heard of the tragic crash of a Houston P. D. helicopter Saturday Morning. Houston police officer Jason Knox, the man who died in that crash, was a long time friend of Captain Defoor. The other HPD officer,  the pilot, was critically injured. He is the son of another HPD officer who was a long tome friend of Ken’s. Our sympathies go out to Ken Defoor and all the men and women in blue who have lost one brother and seen another injured so badly in that weekend crash in Houston. ************************************************ More testing to come: The Texas Department of Health Services will be back in Liberty testing for COVID-19 Tuesday, May 12th . The Covid-19 test is free, however those getting the very important Coronavirus test must make a reservation online or by phone. To make reservations online visit If you would like to reserve your spot by telephone, call 512-883-2400. The Liberty Fire Station is at 1912 Lakeland Drive. The test will only take minutes and is FREE. According to Air Force National Guard Captain Jerrod Tabor who directed operations for tests done here on Sunday, those tested should have results in 1 to 3 days by text or email.  ************************************************ Open: Here is a repeat of just a few of the restaurants that we know where dining rooms have reopened in Liberty and Dayton and a few in the area. Remember each restaurant must keep its dining room at 25% normal occupancy. In Liberty, we found Casa Don Boni, 10 Day Mayo on highway 90 @ Milam, and El Burrito all are welcoming customers to dine in. Also, in Liberty Chili’s, and Texas Steak and Seafood opened their dining rooms for customers. In Dayton, Mike’s BBQ Catfish and Steaks opened their dining room. Some of the restaurants we checked with said they were not ready to allow people to dine in just yet and will continue to offer to-go service. Restaurants must practice required social distancing and can only operate at 25% of their normal capacity. ************************************************ Lake Release: 14,000 CSL –Liberty Bridge: 20.00 ASL ReplyForward

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