RADIOGRAM: Volume 35, No. 94 Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Volume 35, No. 94 Wednesday, May 13, 2020

A New Hospital?: A much discussed new hospital for the Liberty Dayton area has taken another step. Bruce Stratton President of Liberty County Hospital District No. 1 and President of Liberty Dayton Regional Medical Center says the hospital district commissioned studies on what’s needed to keep the process in motion. Mr. Stratton says no site is chosen. The hospital district is doing site searches in both Liberty and Dayton. Mr. Stratton said a site in Dayton is still being researched by the hospital district board. One thing making all of this tougher is the condition that hospital must be within the boundaries of the hospital district. The Dayton city limits have expanded several times since the hospital district was initially drawn up. Much of the choice land that is in the city of Dayton is outside the district boundaries as they are now expanded. He did point out however that if Liberty gets the new hospital, Dayton will get a clinic or vise versa. Stratton says he would like to see the construction of a new hospital begin within a year or 8 months. He would like to see that construction completed in about two years. Stratton cautions the building of a new hospital is still in the planning stages however, there has already been a lot of work done.

Stage Stores Files Bankruptcy, Liberty reopens Friday: On Sunday, Stage Stores, Inc., parent company of Palais Royal, filed for bankruptcy protection. Last year we reported the Palais Royal store here in Liberty was going to convert to a Gordman’s store. Gordman’s is an off-price retail store similar to TJ Maxx, Marshals, and Ross Stores. With bankruptcy already filed, that conversion, now will not happen. Many stores, including the Palais Royal in Liberty have been closed. In a press release, the company says it will begin reopening stores on May 15th and anticipates all stores being reopened by June 4th. We are told, on Friday of this week, Liberty Palais Royal reopens 7-days a week. Stage Store officials say they will accept gift cards and returns for 30 days after a store reopens.

New Ladder Truck: With a cost of $680,000-ish the city of Liberty Fire Department is rolling out their newest fire fighting apparatus, a 75 foot ladder truck. Liberty Fire Chief Brian Hurst said his crews are training on this custom built new truck. This big boy will be first truck out for every fire call that the Liberty department responds to. The length of the ladder, according to Chief Hurst, allows firefighters to get up above structure fires without putting a firefighter on the roof. Liberty Fire department truck # 24, nearly 20 years old, will be retired when this new 75 foot ladder truck is ready for service. The new truck will be identified as unit #21 and will soon be ready to respond to calls.

Houston Methodist: At Houston Methodist Baytown Hospital, preparing for the pandemic and treating COVID-19 patients has been highest priority the last two months. However, they are trying to expand now to other services. Houston Methodist Baytown Hospital is caring for patients both in person and virtually, with all health care services available. Their physicians are available for both virtual visits and with in-person appointments. All patients must wear a mask before arriving per Texas Medical Board mandate. Suspected COVID-19 patients are isolated in separate areas of the hospital. Remember at the Houston Methodist - Baytown Hospital they are still adhering to a strict essential visitor only policy. To schedule an appointment with a Houston Methodist Baytown physician, visit or call 281-428-2273.

Lake Release: 10,000 CFS –Liberty Bridge: 14.84 ASL

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