RADIOGRAM: Volume 35, No. 94 Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Volume 35, No. 94 Wednesday, May 13, 2020

A New Hospital?: A much discussed new hospital for the Liberty Dayton area has taken another step. Bruce Stratton President of Liberty County Hospital District No. 1 and President of Liberty Dayton Regional Medical Center says the hospital district commissioned studies on what’s needed to keep the process in motion. Mr. Stratton says no site is chosen. The hospital district is doing site searches in both Liberty and Dayton. Mr. Stratton said a site in Dayton is still being researched by the hospital district board. One thing making all of this tougher is the condition that hospital must be within the boundaries of the hospital district. The Dayton city limits have expanded several times since the hospital district was initially drawn up. Much of the choice land that is in the city of Dayton is outside the district boundaries as they are now expanded. He did point out however that if Liberty gets the new hospital, Dayton will get a clinic or vise versa. Stratton says he would like to see the construction of a new hospital begin within a year or 8 months. He would like to see that construction completed in about two years. Stratton cautions the building of a new hospital is still in the planning stages however, there has already been a lot of work done.