RADIOGRAM: Volume 35 Number 155 Tuesday August 11, 2020

Volume 35 Number 155 Tuesday August 11, 2020 Liberty County Jail: Liberty County Commissioners Court Judge Jay Knight along with Liberty County Sheriff Bobby Rader, Chief Deputy Don Neyland, Captain Bill Knox, and County Attorney Matthew Poston were all guests of The Party Line Program. Their only reason for being here to talk about the major development that the Liberty County Jail is going back under the management of the Sheriff’s Department. That is a major development after about 27 years of contracting out the jail management to a privately owned company. As we reported earlier, a new Jail Administrator, Raye Carnes, has been hired to oversee operations of the over 250 bed jail facility and its 90 plus jail employees. The County Jail has been run by contractors since 1993, and as contracts end, new bids were called for from those companies in the business of administrating jails and prisons. The current contractor is GEO. Only one bid was received, but they wanted more than a $2 million annual increase for a job they apparently did not want and were the only bidder. That’s when the county leadership decided the sheriff’s department would resume jail operation later this year but it will be a huge change although most of the 94 employees will remain. Last Monday, August 3rd, Commissioners Court approved a budget amendment that allows for the hiring of the new Jail Administrator. Covid 19: Another 14 cases of Covid has been confirmed, pushing the total number of cases in Liberty County closer and closer to 1000. The ACTUAL number today of confirmed Liberty Countians is now at 888 since the statewide count began back in mid-March.  Death related cases due to symptoms of the coronavirus now stands at 34 across this county.  These latest new 14 cases include 4 in the north end with 9 covid cases found in south-County. Five are males while 8 females are confirmed with the virus. The ages of victims range from the youngest at 10 to 20 years of age and upward to 80 +.   Again, those 14 newest cases in Liberty County have pushed the total number of citizens diagnosed with the virus to 888 and 34 of those have symptoms that resulted in the death of the patient.  421 of the cases here have recovered but 433 are actively being treated. ************************************************************************        Some Good News: 2020 just hasn’t been a good year on many levels.  Most of us would agree. However, every once in a while there is a piece of good news that pops up.  The weekend of August 1st, Liberty Police Officers Adam McBride and Chris Watson were on patrol when they saw a lady working in her yard around the intersection of Kipling and Magnolia streets.  She was struggling, trying to get her lawnmower started. They stopped to lend a hand and decided to help her with what was obviously a very hot job on a quiet Sunday.   So between calls the two Liberty Police Officers helped take care of this citizen’s yard work. They mowed, edged and trimmed back some trees and shrubs too. See its easy to find some good news creep in to help one persons day be a little better.  A tip of the hat to Liberty City Police officers Adam McBride and Chris Watson for their service, and for their compassion for one citizen whose day turned out to be a little better because these two young men came her way. Phone Scam: We have reported on more than 200 different phone scams over the last few years. They are far to common.  There is still another new racket making its way across Texas and this one involves utility bills.  Innocent victims are recently receiving calls regarding a past due amount on their utility bill. The caller identifies themselves as an employee of a utility company and advises that they are behind on their bill and are facing disconnection of service.  The caller then lets the person know they can take steps to prevent their service from being disconnected. The caller ask for information about the subject, and it all seems harmless until they ask for payment information. The thief says they will only accept credit or debit cards. Experts tell us scams like this are not new, but in this era of confusion with all that is happening about us, some victims become rattled and even believe the crooks and then the victim is even providing the information requested and thus becoming victims of theft, and in some cases even identity theft. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recommends that you never give information to anyone calling from an alleged utility company. The FTC recommends hanging up and then calling that utility directly with the phone number provided on your bill.  This way you are assured of reaching your real  utility provider.  It is an unfortunate sign of the times that scammers are preying on folks in order to turn a quick buck. Again, should you receive a call from someone identifying themselves as being from your utility company, the best course of action is to hang up and then call the utility’s phone number on your utility bill. Do not talk to the caller – one tip is most often they are recording you and will edit your voice to make it sound as if you are agreeing to pay. Just hang up and call your utility company.     Obit: Cheryl Lynn Goodwin, 57, of Dayton passed away on August 7, 2020. Cheryl was born January 16, 1963 in Texas City. Cheryl had been a resident of Dayton since 2002 and had previously lived in Baytown.  Service for Cheryl will be 12:00 noon, Wednesday, August 12, 2020 at Pace-Stancil Funeral Home Chapel with Chelsea Porter officiating.  Visitation will be 10:00 a.m. until service time at 12 noon on Wednesday at Pace-Stancil Funeral Home. Lake Release:  1500 CFS     Liberty Bridge 6.8 ASL

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