RADIOGRAM: Volume 35     Number 167     Friday August 28, 2020

Volume 35     Number 167     Friday August 28, 2020

Taste of Dayton: Mark your calendars; the very popular Taste of Dayton is coming up on Wednesday September 10th. The event takes place from 5:00PM to 8:00PM at the Dayton Community Center, which is located at 801 South Cleveland Street, in the heart of Dayton.  This year the event will be held in the parking lot of the, on the south side adjacent to the Senior Center The theme of this years event is “Dream Vacation” and venders and local businesses are encouraged to decorate their booths like a dream vacation. Folks who are attending the event can sample taste size portions at all booths, to get a Taste of all that Dayton has to offer.  Tickets are 5 dollars for adults and 2 dollars for kids 12 and under.. The sponsors for the event are Chicken Express and the Dayton Community Development Corporation. Remember to mark your calendars for September 10th, 2020, we will see you there.


After the storm: Entergy Texas is the electrical provider for most of the listeners to KSHN, and they have plans to restore power to folks who may have lost power during Hurricane Laura as quickly as possible. In addition to their local workforce, they have requested mutual aid from power companies across the country. As a result of that request, electrical workers from 20 states are converging to one of several staging areas throughout Southeast Texas and Louisiana. In total 10,000 workers are coming to assist the Entergy workers in the effort to restore power to customers as quickly as possible.  In an information release by Allison Payne of Entergy, it was revealed that the crews have added flood protections for equipment in other areas that could see high water. High-water vehicles, drones, helicopters and airboats have also been secured to assist in restoration efforts. Entergy customers should be aware crews are following COVID-19 precautionary measures, which may slow restoration work. 45 Crew trucks that were staged at the Friendship Inn on Highway 90 have been moved east to assist in the Beaumont area and Louisiana. Crews will not move into storm affected the area to begin restoration until it is safe to do so. As crews learn more about the damage, a plan will be put in place that restores power to the greatest number of customers safely in the shortest amount of time. To report an outage, or other electrical concern, call 1-800-ENTERGY, THAT’S 1-800-368-3749


Trash Pick up schedule change: The word we have from Frontier Waste for the folks in Dayton and Liberty and any other service areas Frontier Waste provides trash and garbage pickup, those scheduled for Thursday pickup be advised those will be picked up on Friday. Those whose regular scheduled pickup is Friday will instead be picked up on Saturday. Then on Monday Frontier Waste will have everyone back on the regular schedule.


Power Outage: Entergy Texas has just reported that a wide spread power outage, due to Hurricane Laura is affecting parts of Liberty County, as well as Montgomery County and Walker County.Montgomery County Commissioner 3, James Noaak first received the report of the power problems from Entergy. A major transmission line has been compromised, which is causing power outages and power brownouts in all three counties.

An estimated time to have repairs completed is from 24-48 hours.


Lake Release 1500 CFS         Liberty Bridge Gauge 6.93 ASL         

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