RADIOGRAM: Wednesday September 16, 2020

Volume 35                              Number 181           Wednesday September 16, 2020 A new Scam Alert: The U.S. Attorneys office has been made aware of still another scam targeting mainly the elderly. U.S. Attorney Stephen J. Cox warned, individuals, claiming to represent the Department of Justice, have been calling citizens to get their personal information, These criminal scammers falsely tell their victim they are a Department of Justice investigator or employee and attempt to obtain personal information from the call victim or they leave a voicemail with a return phone number. The return phone number then directs users to a fake justice department’s phone number.  Eventually a so-called investigator gets on the line. Then the scam begins with an attempts to gain the victim personal information. Most often the attempt seems to target the elderly. U.S. Department of Justice said they work to hold criminals accountable and to protect victims. U.S. Attorney Stephen J. Cox, added to news release on the scam, to never share personal or financial information in response to an unsolicited phone call. Those who receive these calls are encouraged to report the scams to the Federal Trade Commission via their website or by dialing toll free 877- FTC-HELP, that’s 877-382-4357. Such fraud can also be reported to the FBI for action. The hotline is open seven days a week. For more information about the hotline, please visit Mont Belvieu Police Chief Retires:  In a news release from the City of Mont Belvieu, in nearby Chambers County, it was announced the cities long serving Chief of Police, Virgil Blasdel, has announced his retirement after almost 36 years with the department. Chief Blasdel said he has been blessed to serve his hometown for a long time. He felt during his time with the Mont Belvieu PD things have changed significantly and he was proud of how the department has developed and changed to keep Mont Belvieu residents safe. Chief Virgil Blasdel said his retirement will be effective later this year.  The Mont Belvieu City Manager, Nathan Watkins, said Mont Belvieu has been incredibly fortunate to have Chief Blasdel leading that cities police department. The city manager pointed out that during his tenure in Mont Belvieu, the city has grown tremendously and Blasdel has focused on ensuring Mont Belvieu was safe for families to live in and enjoy. The city manager congratulated Chief Blasdel wishing him well in retirement and thanked him for his years of service in law enforcement.  As for the Chiefs plans in retirement, Virgil Blasdel said he wants to take in the view of the Texas Hill Country and enjoy the Frio River. The city of Mont Belvieu has begun their search for a new police chief. Chachere named Executive Secretary:  The Texas Limousin (Limo-zeen) Cattleman’s Association, reports Ms. Leighton Chachere of Dayton, is   named as the Executive Secretary for the Texas Limousin Association. The TLA is the state wide association for the Limousin breed of cattle that was founded back in 1971. The TLA promotes, improves and markets the Limousin cattle for the benefit of all its members. Ms. Leighton Chachere first began showing the breed in 2010.  She has been involved with the breed over the past decade working through her family’s operation and showings. Ms. Chachere said Limousin cattle have been a passion of hers for a long time. As Executive Secretary, Chachere will run all communication efforts for the association including updating the website, social media, publishing a magazine known as TEXAS LIMOUSIN TODAY and doing email marketing plus involvement in a number of other association activities. Leighton Chachere received her Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Communications and Journalism from Texas A&M University and her Masters in Ag Communication from Texas Tech University. Leighton Chachere said she is excited to lead the association into its next chapter of growth and success. ***********************************************************************

Liberty County Master Gardeners: On a recent PartyLine Program, the guests were from the Liberty County Master Gardeners.  The President of the group is Donna Capps. Ms Capps mentioned that the Master Gardeners have a great new book titled, Growing Herbs and Vegetables in Liberty County. We are told this book is full of gardening info for only $20. If you would like to get a copy of this information filled book, it is available any time at the extension office. Those interested can also email the office for more information at or call the county extension service office at 936-334-3230. Donna Capps had one last thought for those who garden in Liberty County. She wished all Happy Gardening. Lake Livingston Release 15000 CFS         City of Liberty Bridge Gauge 17.83 ASL

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