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Dayton Mayor Caroline Wadzeck

On the Monday August 17th edition of the KSHN Party Line Program, one of our guests was Dayton Mayor Caroline Wadzeck. She expressed her pride of two recent events in Dayton.  The first was the dedication and renaming of State Highway 146, that portion, within the Dayton city limits, now formerly named the John Otto Expressway.  Mr. Otto was a six term State Representative who was instrumental in getting State Highway 146 expanded to 4 lanes. As has been widely reported Mr. Otto passed away on August 1st.  Mayor Wadzeck recalled fondly that John Otto was aware of the name re-dedication ceremony shortly before his passing. Mayor Wadzeck also talked about the ribbon cutting for the High Ground Mural, painted by local native Mary Victoria Fielder Taylor.  Mayor Wadzeck also said that the city was working on other murals to come sometime in the future. Caroline Wadzeck also mentioned that at the upcoming city council meeting the first two Community Champions will be honored.  They are Evelyn Barton, who is the owner of the Texas Country Kitchen and Kenny Wood.  Ms. Barton is being honored for her contributions to the cities extraordinary Christmas decorations last year.  One way Ms. Barton contributed was to pay for the extra electricity needed to power those decorations.  Mr. Wood, who is a Liberty resident, is being named a Dayton community champion of the Enhancement Committee. He is the craftsman who built the beautiful Flag Deposit box at the Dayton Crossroads. Mr. Wood, who owns a fabricating shop, made the flag box and donated it to the city of Dayton. The Flag Deposit Box will be the center of a flag retirement ceremony that local Boy Scouts will be doing later in the fall.. Any citizen who has an American or Texas Flag that has served out its useful life can be put it in the red white and blue box for proper dignified retirement at a later date by Dayton Boy Scouts.  

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