Ripkowski family in the Texan online magazine

The TEXAN, an online political news source over the Independence day holiday weekend posted an article with close connections to south Liberty County. It is about the famous of Dayton Texas. The article points out families sent fathers, sons, and brothers halfway across the globe in opposite directions to defend their country on two fronts. Some families sent more than one person, a phenomenon depicted in the blockbuster Saving Private Ryan. But one family sent nine of their own, more than any other family in the country. Enter the Ripkowski family of Dayton, Texas. The lengthy article say’s America has survived — nay, thrived — because of that sense of responsibility and duty passed from generation to generation. The Ripkowski’s are one example, although not an insignificant one, of many such people for whom this nation has to thank for reaching its 243rd birthday — the greatest experiment in self-governance, warts and all, that has ever existed. The TEXAN says Ripkowski Drive is still there to this day, and the 12 trees planted on the Community Center grounds honor the memories of the brothers for whom they were planted. Twelve men, among those giants on whose shoulders Texans stand today.

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