Runoff Totals

Liberty County voters went to the polls yesterday for the Republican and Democratic Party Primary runoff contests. As far as Democratic Party all races were decided statewide, there were no democratic party races locally. There were four local runoff races in the Republican Party. In the race for the newly created County Court at Law #2 Wes Hinch won handily with got 2,836 votes, his opponent Zack Zbranek recorded 1,634 votes. In the runoff for Precinct 1 County Commissioner, Bruce Karbowski recorded 934 votes taking the nomination from Toby Wilburn who received 692 votes. Taking a look at the Precinct 1 Constable’s runoff race, that was an open seat, Tammy Bishop wins the GOP nomination with 663 votes while Jacob Cantu pulled 560 votes. Finally, in the Precinct 6 Constable race in the Cleveland area Challenger Zack Harkness received 575 votes while incumbent John Joslin bows out with his 316.  All results are unofficial until canvassed. That will be conducted early next week.

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