Safety Procedures LHS

Liberty High School officials have sent out safety instructions and procedures for both Face to Face learning as well in virtual, on-line classes.  Today we focus on Face to Face Instruction, which begins on September 8th. Those riding school buses will enter through the front doors, those in vehicles enter through the annex doors. That has not changed since last year. Classes begin this year at 8:00 AM, which- we are told - is 20 minutes earlier than last year. As we reported earlier face masks and/or face shields will be provided by the school, however in a change just made known, students may use their own face masks as long as they are school appropriate. A big change during these times is that all students, whether attending face-to-face classes or virtually will complete all their assignments on a district issued chrome book.. To insure that the staff and students are as safe as they can possibly be, the following safety and cleanliness procedures have been established. We are told that all restrooms will be cleaned 4 times each day. Water fountains will NOT be operational. Touch free water stations will be available and students will be allowed to bring a clear water bottle. All classrooms will have hand sanitizer and those hand sanitizers will also be available at every building entrance. Not only will students be wearing face masks or face shields, but all teachers will be wearing face coverings while teaching, On tomorrow’s news cast, we will cover procedures for virtual learning.

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