Sales tax revenues down for the county as a whole - up for 6 cities

Sales tax dollars are up for six of the 10 incorporated cities in Liberty County. That is for the first 10 months of 2020 when compared to the same period last year. When all cities of Liberty County are combined, sales tax revenue is a real dollar total of $9,454,888 for the 10 incorporated cities, countywide, that receive sales tax income. Those revenues are used by cities in their general fund budgets. Taking a look at specific towns here in Liberty County, payments from sales tax collections to the city of Liberty are up 6.27 percent for the first 10 months of the calendar year. In real dollars, that’s an increase of $178,239 resulting in a total local take of just over $3 million for City of Liberty coffers. Turning to the city of Dayton, sales tax income there is up even more to 8.28 percent this year for January through October. In real dollars, the City of Dayton’s share is $2.43 million – that’s an increase of $186,109 so far this year.

Taking a look at other cities with an increase in sales tax revenue, Hardin is up 6.13 percent while Daisetta’s take has risen 14.47 percent year-to-date. Kenefick has experienced a rise of 12.84 percent. Up north in Liberty County, the fast growing city of Plum Grove, has seen a whopping increase of 72.08 percent. Also up for the year 2020 is the small city of North Cleveland. Their sales tax revenue has increased by 5.36 percent. Moving now to the biggest city of Liberty County, the city of Cleveland, has taken a big hit, that city’s share of sales tax revenue has dropped 18.66 percent. That decrease resulted in a reduction of $827,669 in sales tax revenue so far this year. The city of Daisetta also dropped 21.82%; Devers has had an 11.23 percent decrease in sales tax, and Ames saw the largest percentage drop across Liberty County at 33.16 percent. In total, Liberty County cities received sales tax payments of $9.45 million which is down $485,000 from the same period in 2019.