SH 146 now John Otto Expressway

Former State Rep. John Otto

Still one more major honor has been dealt to John Otto, now retired State Representative of Dayton.  Just after he was the newly elected State Representative, John Otto first took office was elected, but before his first legislative session began the then rookie legislator from Dayton was hard at work on his first major project. It was in the spring of 05 when then District 18 State Representative John Otto of Dayton announced his effort to get approval to widen the stretch of State Highway 146 running between Dayton and Mont Belvieu. The price tag would be $22 million. In his initial announcements Representative Otto mentioned 35 deaths in the prior 11 years on that highly traveled roadway connecting Dayton and US 90 with Baytown and I-10.   He was a man of action and six years later it was actually finished. On August 16, 2011 a ribbon cutting was held to officially open the then completed several miles of widened roadway.  On Monday, Dayton Mayor Caroline Wadzeck told our KSHN Party Line audience that the Dayton City Council has officially renamed State Highway 146 from US 90 in Dayton to the Chambers County Line as John Otto Expressway. Now retired, John Otto and his wife Nancy, live in the College Station area.  Again, State Highway 146 south of Dayton is now known as the John Otto Expressway.…. and oh by the way, major injury crashes and fatalities along 146 in Liberty County are down in the nine years since that widen highway went into service.  Our editorial comment here is, this is an honor much deserved by the now retired State Representative John Otto of Dayton. More recently Representative Otto holds a key position at his alma mater, Texas A & M University, in College Station.  

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