Shots Fired Call Arrest

A 911 call reporting shots fired in Ames last Wednesday sent 4 men to the Liberty County Jail on multiple charges. According to Liberty County Sheriff Bobby Rader, a citizen heard a gunshot and called the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department on Wednesday May 6th. . Deputies  saw a car backed up, on the property,  with the driver’s side door open. A back-seat passenger got out of the car and deputies said that man tried to flee. Sheriff’s deputies were able to stop take the man in custody.

He was identified as Sedric Wayne  Deblank-19.  The driver and two other passengers then attempted to escape but they too were detained.

Soon the trio was identified as David Mark Higginbotham Jr. 18, Wade Mouton II 23, and Levar Tremaine Domain Jr. He is 20 years of age. One deputy claimed to have seen a weapon, but none of the four in the vehicle would claim it. A K-9 unit from the Precinct 2 Constable's Office was called for mutual aid. For the second time Deblank again tried to escape but was caught again.

The K-9 dog unit detected the scent of narcotics. With that establishing probable cause, Liberty County deputies were able to perform a full search of the car. Recovered in that search was 19 grams of what was identified as crushed Ecstasy tablets during the search. Also recovered was synthetic marijuana.

All four men were arrested and taken to the Liberty County Jail. The four were charged with 2 felony counts of Manufacture/Delivery of a Controlled Substance, and a misdemeanor case of unlawfully carrying a weapon.

To our knowledge all four are still housed in the Liberty County Jail.  No bond has yet

been set on the four.

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