So many changes due to COVID-19

The Coronavirus Covid 19 Epidemic continues to bring about lifestyle changes in our nation and around the world. Much closer to home on the subject of local cancellations both the Dayton Rotary Club and the Liberty Rotary Club have canceled their meetings and related activities thru the end of March. Liberty meets on Tuesday and Dayton on Thursday. Both are now cancelled thru March.  Many local churches cancelled services Sunday due to health department recommendations to avoid large gatherings. First Baptist Church in Devers posted a notice they not only cancelled services but also canceled the food bank service they offer until further notice. The First United Methodist Church of Liberty cancelled their service to the public but did offer their service broadcast on-line here at They had 6 people in the church to offer that complete service on-line. First Methodist also has a preschool program called Noah’s Arc., That is also suspended since the Liberty Schools are closed.

 If we can help with announcements for any Churches or other community services please give us a call. During regular business hours call us at 936-336-5793.

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