Some Good News

2020 just hasn’t been a good year on many levels.  Most of us would agree. However, every once in a while there is a piece of good news that pops up.  The weekend of August 1st, Liberty Police Officers Adam McBride and Chris Watson were on patrol when they saw a lady working in her yard around the intersection of Kipling and Magnolia streets.  She was struggling, trying to get her lawnmower started.

They stopped to lend a hand and decided to help her with what was obviously a very hot job on a quiet Sunday.   So between calls the two Liberty Police Officers helped take care of this citizen’s yard work. They mowed, edged and trimmed back some trees and shrubs too. See its easy to find some good news creep in to help one persons day be a little better.  A tip of the hat to Liberty City Police officers Adam McBride and Chris Watson for their service, and for their compassion for one citizen whose day turned out to be a little better because these two young men came her way.

And Oh by the way, Lieut. Chip Fairchild of the Liberty P.D.. asked to us to suggest to motorists traveling US 90 Eastbound between dawn and about 9 AM to watch out for the suns glare. Lt. Fairchild said this time of year, with no clouds, the suns glare is worse. His department has worked one crash because of the glare, and while there were no injuries both vehicles were damaged.  Additionally, there have been several near misses during that dawn to 9 AM period when the sun’s glare is right in the eyes of drivers on US 90 traveling east. So be careful and Thank You, Chip.       

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