Something Positive about the Pandemic

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Many folks in Liberty County, as well as all over Texas, have done some major home improvement projects during this pandemic. Spending on home improvement items far outpaced the spending on meals at restaurants, since the middle of March. Now, in fairness, many restaurants were closed for a time, and some remained open by offering outside pick up or home delivery options.  Even now, many of those who eat in restaurants are limited to 25% seating occupancy.  In some Texas counties, the occupancy allowed includes staff, so customer count can be affected. Tom Tynan, a well known broadcast home improvement expert believes while many of the home improvement projects were more cosmetic, like painting a room, or upgrading door openers, homes throughout the state saw many improvements. Expect more smaller home improvement projects to be completed as we slowly get back to whatever normal will be.  I guess it takes a pandemic to finally get those honey-do projects finally completed.

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