State COVID numbers could change dramatically

The state Emergency management office has acknowledged their may be more errors in the number of confirmed coronavirus cases statewide and that could require some major increases in confirmed cases statewide. That is not an indication that Liberty County’s count has errors but an indication of state wide problems No word on when that update will be available and we do not know if the Wednesday report includes some of those corrections. Our latest report from the Liberty County Office of Emergency Management shows another 28 Liberty Countians have tested positive for Covid 19. Those 28 new cases brings the total number of cases in Liberty County to 1062, since reporting began in mid-March. Of the 28 new cases, 10 were from the northern part of the county and 18 from the south end. 13 of the new cases are male, while 15 of the new cases are female. This release indicates 466 are reported to be active cases, and there are 559 recoveries indicated. Now 37 of our fellow Liberty County residents have died from Covid 19. Repeating, the total of Covid 19 cases in Liberty County now stands at 1062, 28 of which are newly reported in this latest report.. Liberty County has now lost 37 residents who have died from this terrible virus.  The Texas health department in Austin reports they have discovered another error in reporting and that across texas there may be added to the list of confirmed cases. We are not sure if this latest report of 28 new cases includes any that had been missed from earlier reports.

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