Swan Song - KSHN.COM closing

It was a decision that did not come easily. In July of 2019 KSHN radio was sold to the education foundation that owns KSBJ Radio in Humble. From there we took on the task of becoming an online radio station. While we have had notable successes along the way, going from 20,000 hits per month on our website to nearly100,000. But now the time has come to let this idea go. Ongoing health issues, for yours truly, have forced the decision to no longer operate as a full service online station. For the time being we will continue to stream our music, a mix of oldies, classic country, and light pop for the foreseeable future. You will be able to continue to listen to that music mix on your favorite internet app, be it simple or tune in radio. Our daily local news and weather coverage, local sports and many other locally originated programs - all of that as well as our weekday Party Line program will no longer be aired after today. We have exceeded 12,000 programs here on KSHN –most of those hosted by Bill Buchanan but over 300 of the interview programs were with yours truly. The full life span of the program actually dates back to February 1969 in Georgetown, Texas and with that consists of right at 14,000 shows when counting from then through today’s final show with Texas state representative, Ernest Bailes. There is no question we love our listeners, readers, viewers, community and friends and I sincerely hope we have been able to prove that. The choice to step back was difficult, but in the best interest of my health. Many of you have watched over the years as I struggled with various health issues, and your prayers and concern brought me back to a point of strength that I could never have achieved on my own. I hope you will understand why we must step back, my family, Hunter and myself, as well as my Buchanan family have been nothing but supportive in this transition. Thank you for the best 28 years of my life. So long….for now. This is Tiffany York for kshn Liberty - Dayton, Texas

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