Tax collector warns tax penalties can really add up

Most Texas property owners know if their property taxes are not paid by the January 31st deadline, penalties and interest are added to the balance due and it adds up quickly. Liberty County Tax Collector Ricky Brown, a recent guest on a KSHN RadioVision Partyline program, pointed out, if a property owner still has not paid property taxes in full, by the end of 2021 that an additional 38% would be added to the balance. Liberty County Tax Collector Richard Brown.

ONLY taxpayers with an Over-65 or Disabled Person Exemption may pay current taxes on their homestead residence in four installments without penalty or interest; however, the taxpayer MUST request the quarterly payments in writing and MUST pay at least ¼ of the payment by January 31 with the next 25% due by March 31, then May 31, and finally July 31. If an installment is missed, the full 12% penalty is imposed and interest begins to accrue.

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