TEA required hearing at Dayton ISD

When the Texas Education Agency released their accountability ratings in November of last year, no one knew that would also be the ratings for this school year 2020-2021 as well. We are told that is due to the COVID pandemic. However, Dayton ISD had some unsettling news that Dayton ISD must address. Three Dayton school campuses has received poor accountability ratings. Dr. E.R. Richter Elementary, Kimmie Brown Elementary, and Woodrow Wilson Junior High. A public hearing will be held on Monday night, November 9th, starting at 5pm at the Dayton ISD Support Service Center - 702 S. Cleveland St. That’s the old Stephen F. Austin Elementary School Building. The TEA report indicates the overall rating for Dr. E.R. Richter was a C, while Kimmie Brown scored a D. Finally Woodrow Wilson Jr. High also scored a D. Again, be advised a public hearing will be held Monday night to address the Dayton school district’s low accountability ratings for three campuses: Dayton ISD’s Richter and Kimmie Brown Elementary and Woodrow Wilson Jr High. The public meeting Monday starts at 5 pm at the Dayton ISD Support Service Center- 702 S. Cleveland St. That is the last school district building on the right on South Cleveland St.. The next major building is the Dayton Community Center building on the other side of the street.

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