Texas Reopening - Slowly

Gov. Greg Abbott will allow the stay at home order for Texas to expire this Thursday ,April 30th. More businesses will also be allowed to open up starting Friday.However,Bars, Barbershops, Gyms, and Salons are directed to stay closed until at least mid-May.  That directive coming from Texas Governor Greg Abbott during yesterday’s Monday afternoon news conference heard live here on The Governor said,starting Friday, retail businesses, restaurants, malls, and theaters can all re-open but at just 25% of their occupancy. Also being allowed tore-open their doors are museums and libraries, but those locations must remain below 25% occupancy.Licensed medical professionals may also return to work.  The Texas Governor said that even though the stay at home order will expire this Thursday, Texans must continue to practice safe social distancing. He said if COVID-19 positive cases do not spike, that means do not go back up,between May 1st and May 18th, then he will announce even more openings. The Governor warned how ever that if there is a big spike, the reopening of Texas will fall back to square one.…where it is now. Again,yesterday afternoon Governor Greg Abbott said he will let the current,stay at home,order expire. He said then starting on May 1st, more Texas businesses are allowed tore-open with some restrictions. It is a must that Texans continue to practice safe social distancing.The improvement picture is better but that must continue for the trend of reopening Texas to be allowed to continue.

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