Texas Tuition Promise Fund

Texas State Comptroller (controller ) Glenn Hegar is reminding families that open enrollment in the Texas Tuition Promise Fund which is the state's prepaid college tuition program, began Sept. 1 and continues through Feb. 28, 2021. The Texas Tuition Promise Fund offers parents and loved ones a chance to prepay a child's future higher education at Texas public colleges and universities at today's prices. In his release Hegar said With all that’s going on thinking about how to pay for college may not be at the top of many parents’ priorities.  Yet, he said, one day it will be time to enroll a family member in a college or university. That’s when a Texas Tuition Promise Fund account is a valuable tool to help save your childs future education and do it at today’s college prices. That’s a big deal.  For more information about this prepaid college tuition program, including how the plan applies a Transfer Value for use even at Texas medical and dental institutions,  and even how it can be converted to out of state schools go to this web site: or call 800-445-GRAD – that’s 800-445-4723 then use Option 5 when prompted. There is more to know on this.  To provide an overview of the plan and discuss the different tuition and payment options upcoming webinars tell the full story. and webnars are Sept. 16 at 10 a.m. and Sept. 16 at 3 p.m.

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