The History of our Area and the people who lived here

The Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center is one of the great resources for history and research in our area.  Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, their activities have been reduced, but after Labor Day; the facility right here in Liberty will once again be open, even though, by appointment only. Alana Inman and Lisa Misch talked on KSHN about several of the collections that can be found at the Sam Houston Center. One collections especially for local history buffs, is the William Partlow collection Another collection is the News and Chatter, a collection of information about Liberty that was sent to those servicemen that were from Liberty County but serving overseas during World War II. Another collection of historic memorabilia is the James C. Chambers collection The Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center is going to re-open after Labor Day. Attendees do need to make a reservation. Just call during regular business hours.  Dial:  936-336-8821. When you arrive at the front gate, use the intercom to let staff know you have arrived for your appointment. Again, the Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center will reopen, by appointment only after Labor Day-   To make a reservation, call 936-336-8821.   You can call that same number 936-336-8821, for information, or email at

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