Theo Melancon will remain with Dayton

Dayton City Manager Theo Melancon

KSHN has confirmed with a Dayton City official that the investigation we have reported on, regarding complaints against Dayton City Manager Theo Melancon, is over and has been resolved. His contract has been renegotiated and he will remain as the chief executive officer of the city of Dayton. It was back on June 24th that Dayton city council hired a Houston law firm to conduct an investigation of a complaint filed against their city manager.  The Houston law firm of Blank Rome was hired. When the investigation first began, City Attorney Brandon Davis said the outside law firm was hired to ensure this investigation is done properly, without bias, and according to professional standards. For some background, in a special called meeting June 24th, the Dayton City Council met in executive session to discuss complaints filed against the Dayton City Manager. Dayton City Attorney Brandon Davis said he could not share information about the nature of the investigation. We reported these circumstances on June 25th but have never had any real details   Now that investigation is complete and Theo Melancon will remain as City Manager, a job he has held for 3 years 3 months    .


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