Thornton Indicted on 5 Counts - One Victim

Back on June 23rd , over two months ago, KSHN reported that Liberty Police arrested Liberty Dayton Regional Medical Center CEO Matt Thornton for Sexual Assault of a Child.  Now that matter had gone before the Liberty County Grand Jury. Monday of this week, that body  returned an indictment against the 38-year old now former Hospital CEO. The offense for which he has been indicted refers to five counts of sex with a child between the age of over 14 and under the age of 17 - After some inquiries we learned the indictment refers to five different counts, over a period of time, with the same person.  Several weeks ago we learned that the Hospital Board of Directors gave Matt Thornton the chance to resign his position as hospital CEO but he declined. With that, board president, Bruce Stratton made the motion that Thornton be terminated. That motion passed unanimously and he was terminated.  We are told the next step is that an arraignment date will be set at which time, we learned, he is expected to plead not guilty. It is not certain how long all of this will take.  Because of the pandemic court scheduling has, as a result, become more complex. Again, Matt Thornton former CEO of the Liberty Dayton Regional Medical Center has been indicted by the seated grand jury, on 5 counts of having sex with a child between the age of 14 or older, but under 17.    The Liberty County District Attorney’s office has been involved in the investigation along with the City of Liberty Police Department.   If found guilty the sentence on each count carries with it punishment of from 2 to 20 years in Texas Department of Corrections.  In as much as the alleged victim is over the age of 14 but under 17 a trial jury can also recommend probation.  For now Matt Thornton remains free on $25,000 bond.    

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