Tune in for a LISD Live Band Performance Oct. 29 right here on KSHN.COM

Here is a chance for something new with local talent live as it happens on As KSHN transitioned to the online platform, we added several features to our website one of which is the ability to stream video, prerecorded or live. We like to call it RadioVision. With that thought in mind, we created a Liberty Independent School District channel that they can use to stream any type of video they like. It’s basically their channel, just located on our website. So tomorrow, Thursday October 29 at 5 pm, Liberty ISD is, for the first time, taking advantage of this with a live stream of the Liberty High School Band, performing at Memorial stadium. It’s pretty simple. Go to and click the LISD button at the top of our webpage. Please support these kids, they don’t have the opportunity to show their talents and skills like they would during a normal school year. Again, that live video concert featuring the Liberty Panthers Marching Band is Thursday at 5 pm on the LISD channel, get there from KSHN.COM, click the LISD Button and enjoy the skills of some very talented young Liberty High School musicians under the direction of Band Director Sean Smith. We hope this is only the first of many programs featuring the outstanding talent of LISD Students and Staff

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