UIL Allows Summer Training

Monday, schools in Texas were allowed to start their sport-specific summer strength and conditioning programs. In early March, the University Interscholastic League forced schools to suspend all extracurricular activities due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. These strength and conditioning programs are not mandatory for students to attend the summer strength and conditioning program but they are encouraged. The UIL requires all schools to follow a long list of COVID-19 safety measures.  Liberty Athletic Director Chad Taylor said each piece of equipment is being disinfected after use. Coaches will screen students when they arrive and take their temperature. Coach Taylor says the school is not allowed to offer water or towels, so participants must bring their own. The Liberty Athletic Director says there will be plenty of hand sanitizers along with hand washing stations to maintain good hygiene. Coach Chad Taylor says the UIL allowing the summer program to move forward is the first step in what he hopes will lead to a fall athletic season.