Up and over Waco

It has its own Facebook page, and it’s called the Dayton Train. Most everyone knows what we are talking about, the notorious train crossing highway 90 at Waco, it often shuts down traffic on that major thoroughfare through Dayton. The resulting traffic backup inside the city of Dayton can, and does, cause traffic nightmares for all motorists in that area. We have already reported the city of Dayton has a feasibility study grant to at long last fix this and look at a way over the tracks. City manager Theo Meloncon said, said in a recent interview with KSHN, the two roads, Hwy 90 and Waco, should this feasibility study, show its possible, meet above the Dayton train tracks.

For decades local officials were told an elevated roadway at that location was not feasible due to the lack of space allowed between Waco and the hwy 146/90 intersection just to the east. City manager Theo Meloncon said this study will look at slight changes to the layout of those intersections to give the best chance to get approval in the future for an overpass.

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