Updated information on Raywood shooting

We have learned from a reliable source that 29-year old Markie McGinnis, who we had reported was shot to death Sunday afternoon was stopped at railroad crossing waiting for a passing train when she was shot through the drivers window about 1:30 Sunday afternoon. Three spent shells were found near her vehicle – one of which passed through her arm. That may also be the same bullet that then passed into her upper body, resulting in her death.  Most train engines have cameras mounted on them but this train engine only had a camera on the front. Our source said when the recording was checked   the victims car was seen but because no cameras were on the side, the victim’s car was not clear enough to see the gunman’s attack.  Captain Ken DeFoor, the Public Information Officer for The Liberty County Sheriffs Department, sent a press release that announced 24-year old Henry Davis of Louisiana has been returned to Liberty County and is behind bars at the Liberty County Jail charged with the woman’s murder. Another media source said she was a much loved gospel singer and had sung at her church Sunday and then came home to visit her grandparents in Liberty county. She was very near her grandparents home in Raywood when she was shot and killed at the railroad crossing.  Henry Davis, who is from Louisiana, was captured within hours of the shooting in Louisiana, but so far we don’t know what led investigators to him.  He was found in Jefferson Parrish Louisiana and is now returned to Liberty County by Texas Ranger Brandon Bess.  He is now charged with the murder of 29-year old Markie McGinnis Sunday, October 4th.  We have been told that Henry Davis has no previous criminal record. It is now confirmed, from still another source, the victim was from Spring and her drivers license indicated a Pasadena, Texas address. A local judge has denied bond on the murder charge he now faces. We understand Henry Davis is not answering questions from investigators.  Again, a reliable source says the gunman fired at least three shots at the woman stopped at a rail crossing in Raywood early Sunday afternoon,  At least one of three shots caused her death. Three shells were found on the ground near the woman’s car but it’s not known how many bullets struck her. The shots were fired through the drivers side window and one passed through her arm and it may be the same shot that then struck her upper body.          Henry Davis was escorted back to Texas from Jefferson Parrish,  Louisiana by Texas Ranger Brandon Bess on Wednesday evening and placed in the Liberty County Jail on a murder warrant. As had been previously reported, it was approximately 1:30pm Sunday afternoon when a passing motorist found 29 year old Markie McGinnis deceased  in her car from multiple gun-shot wounds on FM 2830 in Raywood, Texas in east Liberty County. It appeared from the initial investigation that McGinnis had been shot several times through her driver’s side window shortly after leaving a church service in the area. Even with Henry Davis in custody, the investigation continues.  He is being held on no bond.

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