Volume 35, No. 40 Monday, March 2, 2020

Early Voting: Here is a look at the turnout for casting votes early. 6700 registered Liberty County voters went to one of those 4 early voting boxes and recorded their party primary choices. That was 14% of the registered voters in Liberty County Texas. The largest turnout was at the Dayton Community Center where 2374 voters filled their responsibility to vote. Cleveland had the second largest turnout at the Cleveland Civic Center with 1975 voters asking to be counted. Liberty was the third busiest early voting spot at the Jack Hartel Building where 1929 went to the polls and in Hardin 728 cast their ballot. As always you can hear how they voted after 7 PM Tuesday here on It generally takes a few hours for all 30 boxes to totaled and reported. Remember, it is not a simple majority in the primary voting. In races with only two candidates it is that simple but in votes where there are more than two names on the ballot the winner must have 50% of the votes plus 1 to avoid a runoff election.


Seizure: Credit to Bluebonnet news for this report. A routine traffic stop on US 59 in the Cleveland area by Liberty County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Interdiction Unit resulted in a $1,045,893 seizure of cash found in a hidden compartment in a pickup truck. That is according to Liberty County Sheriff Bobby Rader. Information indicates Sheriff’s Deputies stopped an out-of-state vehicle and became suspicious when the driver’s account of his travel plans had discrepancies. Permission was given for a search but Liberty Co. deputies became still more suspicions when they found non-factory work on the structure of the pickup truck bed. Lawmen had difficulty getting access to the compartment so the truck was towed to a local mechanic who, with a hydraulic lift, located what turned out to be over a million dollars in cash. Deputies found 33 bundles in vacuum sealed packages. The money was confiscated and will be held in a seizure account.


Scherer Dies in Hospice: one of Chambers Counties best best known citizens, Bobby Scherer – thought to be 81 years of age died at his home in Hospice care around midnight Saturday morning after a lengthy illness. Sterling Funeral staff will meet with the family sometime today and those arrangements will then be reported soon thereafter.


Blood Drive: The Lifeshare Blood donor coach will be in Liberty for the next local blood drive at Liberty Walmart, Tuesday from 1-5 pm. Giving a pint of blood costs you nothing and you will be helping to save up to 3 lives.


Obits: Joyce Ann Runnels, age 74, of Devers. She died Wednesday in Dayton. Funeral services to be held 11 AM Monday at Allison’s Funeral Service in Liberty.


Lake Release: 28,400 CFS – Liberty Bridge: 24.83 ASL

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