Vote: Use your grown up manners

People all over the world admire America for our democracy and our choice to pick our leaders.  However, sometimes there a few whose voting conduct is bad, even despicable.  We were doing some news stories about the wonderful voter turnout across Liberty County. We took pictures for our website illustrating that spirit.  In Dayton at the beautiful Dayton Community Center there were long lines of proud voters waiting to make their choice.  There are so many campaign signs on display along those manicured driveways. Then there was a single handmade sign declaring that signs for one national candidate have all been stolen. That right to vote is priceless – no matter for whom you choose to vote. So many idolize our election process, so many have died to guarantee it. But then there are a few so anxious to show their very worst side. Please exercise your cherished right  – But no matter who you vote for …..                                                            VOTE

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