Wednesday Radiogram

Volume 35, No. 42 Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Election Returns: Liberty Co. voters voted Tuesday for the Republican and Democratic nominees. The big news was two incumbents have apparently lost re-election bids and a third incumbent appears to be headed for a runoff if the unofficial results are confirmed. All contested local races were on the Republican ballot.**In the race for Liberty Co. District Attorney, unofficial results show, Incumbent Logan Pickett has lost his two term hold on the district attorney’s job. Jennifer Bergman the challenger logged 5316 votes in county-wide voting and is the unofficial winner since there is no democratic challenger for District Attorney in the general election.**The newly created Liberty County Court-at-Law #2 saw Zack Zrabenk lead the ballot with 3236 votes, Wes Hinch was second with 3026 votes, creating an apparent run-off between those two. Next was Farrah Harper with 1419 votes and Michelle Mangum-Merendino logging 1062 votes while Terry Bacon had 710 votes, unofficially. So it would appear the County Court at Law #2 race goes to a runoff between Zack Zbranek and Wesley Hinch.**In the race for Pct. 1 Commissioner in the GOP Primary, appointee Bruce Karbowski led the ballot with 949 votes, Toby Wilburn was second with 674 votes and a probable run-off. James Carson had 609 votes, and Rodney Williams earned 262. **Moving to north Liberty County and the Pct. 3 County Commissioner’s race, Incumbent James “Boo” Reeves appears to have lost his seat on the court. Challenger David Whitmire defeated the incumbent with 1235 votes while Boo Reaves had 545 votes.**In the Pct. 1 Constable’s race, without an incumbent, Tammy Bishop lead the ballot with 569 votes and Jacob Cantu logged 477 votes. However, only two votes back was Bill Griffin with 475 votes, and Wayne Moody finished with 168 votes. There may be a recount in that one for the second spot. Right now it’s Bishop versus Cantu**In the Pct. 4 Constable’s race Incumbent Robby Thornton, Jr was the clear victor with 2133 votes. His challenger Gordon Bean got 814 votes. **Finally, Pct. 6 Constable Incumbent John Joslin finished second and maybe in a run off. Challenger Zack Harkness led the ballot with 703 to Joslin’s 648 votes. There was a third man in the race. Cedric McDuffie who tried to drop out of the race but made that decision too late and remained on the ballot. McDuffie got 111 votes and appears to have forced a runoff between Harkness and Joslin. Remember results are unofficial until canvassed.


AWOS: As we have reported there have been a number of improvements at the Liberty Municipal Airport in recent years, leading to increased airport traffic. Liberty City Manager Tom Warner, on Monday’s Party Line, said the next improvement for the airport is an automated weather system, called AWOS. Mr. Warner said the city of Liberty is approved for the grant and now only needs a final approval for payment at the April meeting of the Txdot - Highway committee. Once installed the AWOS will benefit not only the City of Liberty but other cities in south Liberty County with more accurate weather information.


Don Neyland: Many know the story of Liberty County Chief Deputy Sheriff Don Neyland and fellow sheriff’s department staff member Barbi Fontenot. When Don experienced kidney failure 11 years ago many in the Sheriff’s department underwent tests to see if they could donate a kidney to save Don’s life but there were no matches, none except for Barbi, sitting at a desk only a few feet away from Don, she was a perfect match. That was ten years ago Monday. Don’s wife Melissa and many others had a tenth anniversary party for the kidney transplant that saved Don’s life. Now Don Neyland and Barbi Fontenot are in perfect health and life long family friends.


Lake Release: 20,000 CFS – Liberty Bridge: 24.79 ASL

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