Westbrook dies from effects of COVID-19

The Covid 19 virus has claimed its first Southeast Texas victim and this time the killer is getting much closer to home. Mike Westbrook, band director of Hardin Jefferson High School in nearby Sour Lake,  succumbed to the disease we believe on Thursday. According to numerous media reports Mike Westbrook was Hardin Jefferson Band director for 13 years. Students are remembering their beloved high school band director who died after getting COVID-19. The district posted a message, saying Westbrook was known for his jolly demeanor and worked tirelessly to revive the music program at Hardin Jefferson and had accomplished much success on the field and stage.  The last time Mr. Westbrook was on campus was only a few days ago, on March 2oth. The school district in Sour Lake is just across the Liberty County line into Jefferson County line. Officials there are asking anyone who was recently in close contact with Mike Westbrook to take necessary precautions for the safety of themselves and their families.  The news reports also said Westbrook was a member of the Symphony of Southeast Texas.  

That organization posted that Mr. Westbrook was a member of their trumpet section for over 30 years. Again, Mike Westbrook, band director at Hardin Jefferson High School in nearby Sour Lake has reportedly died after contracting the Covid 19 virus. He was the first death from the disease in southeast Texas. More on this as it becomes available.   

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